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Female Couple at Home


Lasting and fulfilling relationships require intentional effort and vulnerability from both partners. In a safe and non-judgemental environment, I assist couples in understanding the underlying fears, attachment wounds, emotions and resentments that might be keeping them stuck in unhealthy relational cycles. I help couples develop and practice effective communication and listening skills, and work toward building a more solid foundation for intimacy. My work with couples is informed by attachment-based, CBT, and relational approaches.

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The most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship you have with yourself, and individual therapy offers a unique opportunity to work on this relationship. I help clients discover a deeper self-awareness by guiding and supporting them on their unique journeys, allowing for self-compassion and understanding to help create lasting change. My approach is relational, systemic, and existential, utilizing trauma informed processes, neuropsychology, and attachment-based approaches.



Non-romantic relationships are extremely important and can affect mental health, success, and overall happiness. This is why I offer joint therapy sessions for family members, friends, business partners, bandmates, co-stars, writing partners, and other non-romantic partnerships who want to improve their communication, deepen their intimacy, or strengthen their partnership.

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